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Unsolved Mysteries, Conspiracies
and other interesting stuff


Fingerprints of the Gods
Graham Hancock
This book takes all the facts and paints an amazing picture of our long forgotten past.  Hancock researches "myth" and archaeological sites in both Egypt and South America and makes a connection between the two that throws conventional historians into a tizzy!  Did the Egyptians really build the pyramids?   Why do the same "myths" exist in both Myan and Ancient Egyptian legends?  Find out the answers to age old mysteries!  This book is an easy read and will keep you turning pages all night long!
The Message of the Sphinx
Graham Hancock/Robert Buvaul
Was the Sphinx built in 2500 BC as Egyptologists believe, or could the most famous monument in the world be much older?  Possibly as much as 12,000 years old?  Check out this incredible book by the author of Fingerprints of the Gods.  Learn why conventional Egyptology is afraid to unlock the mysteries of the Sphinx.  What is within the chamber that sits deep in the earth between the Sphinx's great paws?  Is it a library of ancient knowledge that will explain how the 70 ton blocks in the great pyramid were moved hundreds of miles without the use of the wheel?  Find out within the pages of this great book!  It's a well written and quick book which is a delight to read!
The Sign and the Seal
Graham Hancock
So what ever happened to the famous Ark of the Covenant  that would kill any man who looked inside it's secret depths?  Is it buried under the sand of the African desert or is it fearcely guarded in a small African village?  The answers lie within the pages of this fabulous book.  Check it out today!
Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries
Colin Wilson
Think you've heard them all?  Colin Wilson delves deep into the past to expose the mysteries that have baffled humankind for centuries.  Is there any evidence for Atlantis?  What is the secret of perpetual motion?  Did Andrew Cross really create life in his labrotory?  Did a poor priest find the clues that led him to the most famous treasure in the world?  These and many other mysteries are explored in detail!  This book is excellent! 
The Bible Myth
Gary Greenberg
Here's a book that will set the entire world on it's ear.  Gary Greenberg proposes an new theory that will change history!  The three major religions Judiasm, Christianity and Islam will never be the same!  This theroy makes Moses an Egyptian priest under the Egyptian Pharoah Akahnatan.  It is a fascinating theroy backed up with an amazing amount of evidence! 

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