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You are guaranteed to qualify for two unsecured credit cards  
Just by meeting our basic requirements. At least 18 years of age? Make at least $95 a week? Have a valid Social Security Number? Been at your current job at least 6 months? You Qualify!!! 
Consolidate Your Bills Regardless Of Credit 
Eliminate creditor harassment.  Drastically reduce your pay off time. Lower your monthly payments by 20% to 40%. Save Thousands of Dollars in interest and late charges! We work for you,  not for "the creditors"! 
Credit Repair 
Any person who has experienced the embarrassment of being turned down for a credit card, a lease, the purchase of a new car or even a department store charge account needs credit repair. The Law Office of Jack Schrold offers a Money Back Guarantee if they do not improve your credit reports. 
Stop Foreclosure 
Behind on your mortgage? Want to save your home? If you are confused, worried or upset over the threat of foreclosure, don't believe those who want to take advantage of you during these most difficult times. Attorneys will tell you to file  bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure. See us first. We can help!!! 
We believe in the power of commitment. If you are committed to making a change in your life, we believe in you. At your request and at no expense we will set up a distributorship, right here, right now, in your name,  FREE! No questions asked. Imagine that ...You can thank whatever powers  brought you here because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 
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